Meeting Local Needs
We are fortunate to be placed in the centre of Ellesmere Port and easily accessible to all the young people of the town especially those from the priority areas.
We are affiliated to the Youth Federation.
There is very little provision for young people in the priority areas of the town, so there has always been a need for our facilities. Historically we have provided facilities in times of deprivation e.g. when youth and unemployment was an issue and latterly for groups dealing with school exclusions.
We continue to provide a centre to help and educate young people through their leisure time activities.

The Aims & Objectives

The objects of the Centre is to help and educate young people through their leisure time activities, enabling them to develop their physical, mental and social well being, that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.
The management encourage the young people to be involved in developing and utilizing the Centre. This enables the Management to run the Centre according to the young people’s needs.
Membership of the youth clubs is open to young people between the age of 8 and 19 years, and up to 25yrs. for young people with learning difficulties. The clubs activities are supported by the Management Committee.


OASIS for Young People is a registered Charity. It is situated in the heart of Ellesmere Port town. It was originally Ellesmere Port Boys Club (The Boyzee) when it was built and opened in November 1965. In February 1965 Viscount Leverhulme, in his capacity as Chairman of Cheshire Boys Clubs, laid the foundation stone. It was officially opened in November 1965 by Viscount Althorp who was chairman of the National Association of Boys Clubs at that time. The building was opened in November 1965 by Viscount Althorp (and accompanied by a 4 year old girl known as Lady Diana Spencer).
It became the Oasis in 1992. The building is owned by the OASIS Management Committee who is responsible for the security and upkeep of the building. They provide a venue, facilities and equipment for the use of the groups that attend the Centre, which are mainly young people.